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   Computational Team


Ramsey Smith

Junior in Chemical & Biological Engineering

Authentic like boolean logic.


Jesse Mouser

Senior in Chemical & Biological Engineering

I am scuba certified and hive dived with sting-rays, sea snakes, and moray eels.

Experimental Team


Vincent Braud

Junior in Chemical & Biological Engineering

I love to ski and snowboard.


Sehoo Park

Sophomore in Chemical & Biological Engineering

I travel only to eat.


Sasha Chappell 

Senior in High School

I love Marvel comics, and my favorite character is Deadpool.


Emily Ng

Sophomore in Chemistry

I was a 9lbs 3 oz baby born on Sept. 3rd (9/3).


Noah Beck

Sophomore in Biomedical and Chemical & Biological Engineering

Freelance bassoonist.


Zeus Alcon

Sophomore in Chemical & Biological Engineering

I sing Hoy es Domingo everyday of the week.


Sheridon Kelly

Sophomore in Chemistry and History

Not so distantly related to John F. Kennedy.

Graduate Student Mentors


Abby Ward

Chemical Biology, Ph.D Track

Excited to sing “San Francisco” in San Fran.


Yaya Fan

Master of Chemical and Biological Engineering

I hibernate, just like a bear.

 Principal Instructor


Dr. Chris Snow

Dr. Snow has been keen to build materials with atomic precision since the 90’s, but took a circuitous path to do so, stopping at Physical Chemistry and Biophysics before settling Biological Nanotechnology.

The members of the CSU BIOMOD team would like to thank:

Dr. Christopher Snow for hosting the BIOMOD team and expertise in protein & DNA engineering

Thaddaus Huber and Ning Zhao for lab mentorship

Dr. Shing Ho for help with DNA purification

Mam with The Histone Source at CSU for protein expression

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As well as the generosity of the labs who have donated plasmids to asssist our project. We could not have got this far without your help!

Thank you to the sponsors of BIOMOD: