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Ramsey Smith

Ramsey is currently in his senior year pursuing a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering. Ramsey both plays a role in the computational and experimental subgroups of CSU BIOMOD. He enjoys playing guitar, hiking, and watching sports.



Xandria Amash

Xandria is a junior in CSU’s Chemical and Biological Engineering program. She works with the experimental side of Crystalline Entity and handles administrative tasks as the organization’s secretary. Xandria plays the violin, and is known to frequent chicken wing joints.

Computational Guru


Alex Frickenstein

Alex is in his senior year of CSU’s Chemical and Biological Engineering bachelor’s degree program. He primarily develops the Crystalline Entity’s computational tools, and is also responsible for crafting both the website and video. Alex seeks to be a university professor, and works with Starwatcher Studios, a Fort Collins film society.

Experimental Coordinator


Vincent Braud

Vincent is a junior in Chemical and Biological Engineering, and has been working on the experimental side of Dr. Snow’s lab for two and a half years. He enjoys riding his motorcycle through the canyons and taking his 4Runner off roading.

Graduate Student Mentors


Abby Ward

Through the Snow Lab, Abby is pursuing a PhD in chemistry. She has a passion for elucidating the power of protein structure and function. She hopes to inspire others through mentoring high school and undergraduate students. Outside of the lab, she enjoys hiking, live music, and black coffee.

 Principal Instructor


Dr. Chris Snow

Dr. Snow has been keen to build materials with atomic precision since the 90’s, but took a circuitous path to do so, stopping at Physical Chemistry and Biophysics before settling on Biological Nanotechnology.

Thank You!

The members of the CSU BIOMOD team would like to thank:

Dr. Christopher Snow for hosting the BIOMOD team and sharing his expertise in protein & DNA engineering

Julius Stuart, Yaya Fan, Dr. Thaddaus Huber, and Dr. Ning Zhao for lab mentorship

Dr. Shing Ho for help with DNA purification

The manager, Dr. Hataichanok (Mam) Scherman, of the Histone Source at CSU for protein expression

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Thank you to the sponsors of BIOMOD:autodesk